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James Rushman

Funeral Officiant and Celebrant

Funerals Services & Ceremonies

Small child wandering through a field of poppiesLife is a journey, a multi coloured rainbow of events, from Birth, Celebrations, Partnerships , Family and Friends through School Days and our Working Life, Retirement and the end of our natural life. Life can be cut short at any time in that journey as the Rose sometimes fades before it has reached its full potential.

I endeavour with your help to arrange a service which is unique for the life of that loved one who has died and for those coming to terms with bereavement. For those coping with bereavement you may not always be aware of the many funeral choices. You are given a choice as to the type of service that is suitable for you and your family with your ideas and reflections. It is a personal tribute created by you the family or as an executor in consultation and guidance with myself.
For those who have no religion, those who were religious or had some beliefs but were not able or who did not wish to go to a Church can still arrange a service to meet their needs with or without religious elements.

You may not want the atheistic Humanist approach offered by a Humanist Officiant , I will arrange a service for you and the wishes of your loved one whether you would like a completely non religious service or you may feel that you would like the inclusion of some religious or spiritual elements such as Music, Readings, Hymns, Poems or a Prayer may be appropriate.

It is a time to reflect with Love, with Memories of the sad and happy times.

Photo of a grieving manI will try to provide a service which focuses on the Life of that Person with a ceremony that the deceased would have approved. Arranged with you, for you, and for your family.

It is your service, your memories in which I will conduct your wishes in whatever way you would like. You may decide that you, or a member of the family, or a friend would like to take part in the service in delivering a Reading, Poem, Playing or Singing a piece of Music or Reading the Eulogy. Sometimes in a Service those present are asked if they would like to add a few words.

In working closely with the Funeral Director and yourself, our first meeting can take place either in your own home or the home of the deceased, the Funeral Directors or if appropriate at my own office at my home. For those who live a long distance away arrangements can be made by phone or email.

James Rushman
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