Wedding and Partnerships

James Rushman

Wedding and Partnership Blessings

For that Very Special Life Changing Event that will stay in our Memories Forever

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Living in Brighton for my early years and now living in Felpham , we are blessed with living in beautiful countryside in easy distance to the Sea or Downs from Bustling City Life to the Tranquil life in the picturesque Villages.

We now have the choice of a variety of Venues to hold that special day whether just for the ceremony or together with the reception for our Family and Friends to witness the love of two people joining together.

Bride and groom wedding on a beach at sunsetFor those whose wedding’s take place at a venue other than a Church can have your commitment blessed in a personal and very special way , chosen by yourself to which I will liaise and conduct the unique service to your wishes for you and your Family and Friends.

My first service was a memorable occasion at Knepp Castle where I conducted the ceremony overlooking the lake. It was a moving and emotional service for both myself and the happy couple filled with Love, Joy and Laughter. The pleasure it gave me in knowing that my first blessing of the new life of two people was such a special day, that I will remember always.

I try to create a ceremony after the official registration has taken place. With your choice of service from the traditional symbols, prayers, poems, music, musicians, soloists, groups of singers, ( all of which I can arrange or can be performed by members of your Family or Friends.) Your choice is endless from Ring Blessing to the release of Doves of Love, Peace and Friendship being released.

I myself was blessed with my Partner after the formal registration had taken place by a Civil Celebrant who was a friend and inspiration to me in taking up my life today as a Celebrant. The service was unique to us, in that family and friends were able to be a part, in our celebration.

Whether you have been joined as Husband and Wife or as a Same Sex Couple, the Blessing Ceremony which follows will be a memorable occasion for your Family and Friends. Your ceremony is part of your journey on The Rainbow of Life on which you are now travelling with your partner further along that Rainbow’s path.

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